development path

Each of us is a healer.

This work is transformative. If you feel called to it, you have probably already experienced powerful and dramatic changes in your life and are ready to share your path with the world.

If you’re here, you’ve probably gone through the hellfire of loss, trauma, heartbreak and pain – and come out on the other side as a warrior Goddess ready to extend unconditional love to others on a similar path.

Unconditional love + deep inner reflection (shadow work) is the only way to transformation.

Only when we change ourselves can we change the world. We can only awaken through the repetitive practice of ritual, healing through the mind-body connection, through the intangible and tangible, intention and action, nature and ceremony.

Each of us is a healer.

This path combines modern science with ancient intention medicine. Intention in itself is a powerful force – focus, calm, clarity, brought to one specific object, wish, situation or person. Consciously directing intentions is a cure in itself. And this is what our school is woven from – deep inner reflection, unconditional love and life-changing practice. If you feel called to join us, we welcome you with open arms.


Womb Massage Therapy

Learning, sharing and growing together in practices rooted in antiquity, transforming the lives of women around the world.


Working with the Shadow

Conscious therapy with the most repressed, shamed and neglected parts of your psyche.


Working with Trauma

Do you feel called to work with trauma and support women’s pain? Do you feel led to do this transformative work-for others, for loved ones, and for yourself?


Yoni Reclamation Therapy™

Dozens of therapists, guided by their hearts, are on the path to learning the deeply transformative Yoni Reclamation Therapy™. Will you be joining us in 2024?

Dorota, Lodz Student

"I had the pleasure of participating in the training course , "Lona Massage Therapy" in Krakow, it was a magical 4 days. I met wonderful Goddesses with whom I felt a deep bond. During the classes I experienced new things every day, emotionally, physically and spiritually.I learned a lot about myself and the reality around me, but most of all I gained tools to help other lost women, to heal their traumas, to find their femininity, to unlock themselves for life. Every minute and every zloty invested in this training was worth it."

Ewa, Zarki Student

Topics and approaches to the issue of emotions rooted in the body, primarily women, it is a completely new for Polish conditions to look at the body and living in the him a soul. This ritual elevates every woman to the pedestal of the Goddess that each of us is, but over the history of the world we have very much forgotten this. The course, which I had the joy of attending, was conducted with extraordinary sensitivity, care for each of us, with a lot of knowledge and great practical guidance. Great energy and organization.

Ania, Warsaw Student

Transformational space. Aia has created a unique and highly effective tools dedicated to transformation, self-awareness, healing, self-discovery for those who seek unconditional being, happiness, love Courses worth of everything.

Ewelina, Bialystok Student

If you're looking for a truly transformative job, you've come to the right place. Meeting with Aia as well as with other women who are willing to take a deep dive into their most uncomfortable places in the body and mind is immensely transformative. The space that creates is so taken care of and ready to accept your complete truth about yourself and Help you transform it to illuminate certain issues so that your life really became yours, not your childhood wounds or the society that exerts influence on you or your family. I wholeheartedly recommend both training and working with the body through womb massage therapy.

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