Your sexuality

It's not broken

Beautiful soul…. You are not spoiled.

I want you to really think for a moment about the power you are already showing: by the very fact that you are reading a page about sexual disconnection and blockages, you are aware that how you feel is wrong and that you deserve to feel differently – to feel better!

Let’s get this straight:

Women have spent too many thousands of years at the mercy of men…. But let me say loud and clear – it wasn’t always like this! Before patriarchy, before the rise of the church and their way of presenting a God who would punish you for wrongdoing – women had full, unfettered, carefree and sovereign power! Over themselves, over their bodies, over their sexuality, over their (many) partners and over their tribal communities. Once upon a time, women were free from the socially imposed stress and “norms” inspired by Roman Catholic society. Although we have been brainwashed to live in this whitewashed, male-dominated world, women around the world are waking up with a deep-seated inner need to return to their most primal self. Where their bodies are their own, and their sexuality is liberated.
That’s what this job is all about!

Why is sexuality one of the foundations of this psychophysical therapeutic experience?

Sexuality is the most primal human drive and the main key to human pleasure beyond the basic needs for survival: food, water, shelter, love. Unfortunately, for the reasons I lightly mentioned in my previous blog and video about the female Mother Wound, we have systematically disconnected ourselves from our sexuality, from the space of our womb, from our ion, from our pleasure.

When men needed to regain control from the mystical, life-giving power of women, they began to denigrate sexuality. When men began to own land, followed by women, men accumulated resources and women were pushed into the shadows. To create obedient, subservient women, mass public marketing campaigns – largely rooted in patriarchal and religious beliefs – began to paint pagan roots in a cruel, barbaric light – suggesting that strong, conscious women were entwined with darkness and the devil – and that this whitewashed purity and sweet obedience was the only way to God and salvation. What a joke. But the marketing campaign was effective. It was effective because it played on our most primal human need – to belong.

And therein lies the basis of all sexual dysfunction and blockages in women: we cannot deny our deeply innate, intrinsic sexuality-an entitlement we are entitled to by birth, a right we carry in our cells to pursue pleasure and experience-we are born with it, we remember it, we know it in our hearts-but women born into patriarchal norms are quickly shamed, silenced and rejected because of their femininity and sexuality. Anyone who steps outside the lines with his preferences is silenced. Anyone who loves in a way that is considered “radical” has historically been rejected… and this, ladies and gentlemen, also runs deep in our cells – the fear of abandonment and rejection. In ancient times, exile from our tribe meant certain death.

Today, the truth is that this is not the case.

It may seem that rejection for telling the truth will kill us – but in most modern societies this is probably not the case. You experience sexual blockages and dysfunctions because there is a deep mismatch – a strong friction between your authentic self (which you were born with and cannot deny) and the socially imposed rules, regulations and restrictions on sexuality that have been placed on you since you left your mother’s womb.

Our biological sex organs, from the moment they are announced in the delivery room, pave the way for how we are to behave in this life – and that’s nonsense. “Girls fall out like this. Girls should only look this way. Girls can only play with these toys. Girls can only like boys.” – having been born a girl, a body with a womb space and a yoni – we are quickly pigeonholed in terms of expectations, limitations and guidelines for our lives – without any security in discovering the truths we actually profess – what life, love, pleasure and sexuality mean to us.

The sexual dysfunction you’re facing stems from a deep dissonance between what you want and what is expected of you.

We are taught that desires, pleasure and preference are bad. Moreover, most of us have been raped, molested, harassed, abused. If we experience abuse and violence in our most sacred spaces, our relationship with that space is shattered. Suddenly the power of the space of our womb and yoni becomes muted and taboo. Suddenly, we begin to carry a “damaged goods” mentality and re-experience violations and trauma, instead of focusing on building our strength. Most women lose connection with their bodies before their age even reaches double digits-from comments about how fat, how thin, how tall, how short, how developed their bodies are. Everything is based on comparison. Everything is a competition. The number of women for whom I hold space in my trauma work who share their earliest memories of being a woman as experiencing negative comments and comparisons about their bodies shows me that emotional/psychological violence against femininity is just as harmful, if not more so, than physical violence.

So as you can see, the suffering and sexual blockages you are facing today – have deeply entangled roots…. And we haven’t even touched on the generational trauma and the maternal wound you carry yet.

We will talk about sexual dysfunctions – openly and honestly. We will have a powerful space for uninhibited conversations, free from guilt, fear, blame and shame. Here, in this space, everything begins and ends with deeply conscious and nurturing security. Without a sense of security, your sexuality will always be disconnected from your inner self. And this is the space where we slowly weave it back to you – to give you the opportunity to listen to your body, meet your needs and heal.

Beautiful, strong, powerful woman – there is nothing wrong with you.

You are perfect exactly as you are – with exactly the preferences you have and the fantasies and experiences you desire. The world we live in is broken. Spoiled are the partners you choose. What has been broken are the structures in which your beautiful, natural, innate uniqueness and sexuality have been wounded and damaged. But now is the time to rebuild and reclaim them – and we’re in it with you!

Ladies, the world needs us to wake up.

Our daughters need us. Our Mothers. And their mothers. And the mothers of their mothers.

Are you ready for an awakening?

Are you ready to remember?

Are you ready to recover?

We also are.

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