Working with the Shadow

In order to love and accept who you are, you cannot feel hatred or resentment for the experiences that shaped you.

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid confronting their own souls. Enlightenment is not achieved by imagining figures of light, but by realizing darkness.” Carl Jung

If you don’t sit with your shadows, you can’t stand in your light – and only by knowing your own darkness will you be able to keep room for other people’s darkness.

My Dear, it’s time to dance with the skeletons in your closet, have coffee with your demons – because it’s your shadow that remains in closest contact with the lost depths of your soul. Your shadows are the key to unlocking life, energy and a sense of vitality. Your strength and creativity, pleasure and unwavering confidence in pursuing the life of your dreams rest just beyond the lines that your shadow has cast on the ground.

The time has come to break free.


Transformation Program: The Alchemy of Emotion and Shadow (Stage I of Shadow Work)

The Transformation program includes working with one’s own shadows.


Transition Course: Illuminating the Shadows of Others (Stage II of Shadow Work)

The Accredited Transition Course includes working with the shadows of others.

By nature, the shadow is almost impossible to examine. It is dangerous, chaotic and always in hiding. Enlightening him with the light of consciousness threatens his life. It is not easy to make the unconscious conscious.

About Shadow Work

Shadow work is conscious therapy with the most repressed, shamed and neglected parts of your psyche.

These are the deepest, darkest parts of your soul with the intention of bringing to light everything that was hidden or silenced.

What remains unspoken will continue to affect everything and everyone around it with hurricane force.

Your shadow is often unknown to you. It consists of the most primal of your life experiences.

Your shadow will not be visible until it is cast on someone else.

What makes shadow therapists such uniquely powerful healers? They are conscious beings who have not only done their own painful emotional shadow work, but have also experienced numerous deaths of their egos: humiliating life experiences that have pushed them to shed their own layers of identity and associations in order to evolve in the way the universe has called them to.

It is through the loss of their own attachment to identity that these therapists are so strong in holding space for the other person’s shadows – the ugliest, most painful, most difficult parts of their souls. Without one’s own ego to contend with, the shadows of others have nothing to cling to.

When you can love someone unconditionally in their weakest and most broken moments, you lay the most powerful foundation on which that person can heal – in their full truth.

Shadow therapy encourages you to shed light on your shadows and examine them with patience, understanding, gentleness and love.

It is an invitation to thoughtfully accept those parts of yourself that you have suppressed, and for which pleasure is the strongest antidote. Pleasure is the foundation for liberating what has been relegated to the shadows in religious and patriarchal societies. The cure is exactly what we have been taught we are not allowed or do not deserve.

Are you ready to look your shadows straight in the eye to release them once and for all?


Transition Course: Illuminating the Shadows of Others
(Stage II of Shadow Work)


Working with the Shadow

Discovering intuition

Depending on what things you’ve tucked away in your own shadow, there’s a good chance that working on your shadow will help you get in touch with your deeper inner knowing and intuition. If as a child you were discouraged from using your intuition – from trusting your gut feeling and inner compass – you were thrown into the shadows.

Liberating yourself from the unconscious shadow

When we operate at the unconscious level, our shadow effectively controls us. So, while shadow work is difficult, at the same time it is incredibly liberating. It is important to move the shadow from unconsciousness to consciousness, so that it does not rule you as it is able to when it remains suppressed.

Strengthen and accept your strength 

People with low self-esteem often neglect the good qualities of their personality, placing them in the shadow area, stemming from feelings of lack of merit. Working on the shadow in such situations provides an opportunity to recover the hidden gifts that define our identity.

A step towards self-realization

If you are interested in shadow work, you are probably interested in your own development and personal growth. This practice is important for any person who wants to achieve a sense of wholeness and self-realization. Recognizing your own weaknesses that hold you back or are hidden is key to healing to become the best version of yourself.

Ania, Warsaw

Transformational space. Aia has created unique and highly effective tools dedicated to transformation, self-awareness, healing, self-discovery for those who seek unconditional being, happiness, love. Courses worth anything.

Ewelina, Bialystok

If you're looking for a truly transformative job, you've come to the right place. Meeting Aia as well as other women who are willing to take a deep dive into their most uncomfortable places in the body and mind is immensely transformative. The space it creates is so taken care of and ready to accept your total truth about yourself and help you transform it to illuminate things so that your life really becomes yours, not your childhood wounds or the society that influences you or your family. The magic you desire is often hidden in the change you avoid. I wholeheartedly recommend both training and working with the body through womb massage therapy.

Agnieszka, Łomianki

I met wonderful Goddesses and found faith in my own POWER. Thanks to her, I was able to realize and integrate the things I had been circling around for years unsuccessfully in psychotherapy and self-development. Aia lightheartedly blends hard scientific knowledge with the subtleties of spirituality and creates a safe space to express her Truth and her emotions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On the subject of shadow work

Our shadow is formed early in our lives, due to the very natural process of ego development and the result of socialization.

Our offerings include the Transition Program: The Alchemy of Emotion and Shadow, which is Stage I of Shadow Work, and the Accredited Transition Course: Illuminating the Shadows of Others- Stage II of Working with Shadow.

Stage I is devoted to discovering and healing one's own shadows, while Stage II focuses on equipping participants to work with the other person's shadow (clients, partners, loved ones).

The shadow work programs and courses are designed so that people without any experience in shadow work can enter them and gain the knowledge and skills needed to navigate shadows, both their own and others'.

The Stages of Shadow Work programs and courses can be taken in any order - they are complementary programs.

A series of recordings about shadow work

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