Working with the Shadow I

stage i of shadow work

Transformations: The Alchemy of Emotion and Shadow

When traditional therapy consumes too much time, money and energy - without sufficient results and transformation of...

Shadow work is conscious therapy with the most repressed, shamed and neglected parts of your psyche.
These are the deepest, darkest parts of your soul with the intention of bringing to light everything that was hidden or silenced.

What remains unspoken will continue to affect everything and everyone around it with hurricane force.

Your shadow is often unknown to you. It consists of the most primal of your life experiences.
Your shadow will not be visible until it is cast on someone else. 
Shadow work is not easy. It is not pleasant and should not be taken lightly. Working with the shadow is an intense reflection on the darkest, most rejected parts of your psyche. It requires softness and honor, but also the strength of a warrior to move forward when it erupts and tries to maim you.
Because it will.


Begin to work through your own shadows during the upcoming edition of Transformations: The Alchemy of Emotion and Shadow.

Transformation is not complicated. It's simply allowing oneself to feel. It's discovering your traumas, embarrassments, losses and fears - and allowing yourself to feel emotions you couldn't feel at the time these experiences took place.

Program Topics:

21h live online + work on your own with textbook

By nature, the shadow is almost impossible to investigate. It is dangerous, chaotic and always in hiding. Illuminating it with the light of consciousness threatens its life. It is not easy to make the unconscious conscious.

session 01.

Shadow of identity

session 02.

The shadow of fear

session 03.

Shadow of shame

session 04.

Shadow of anger

session 05.

The shadow of jealousy

session 06.

Shadow of guilt and vulnerability to rejection

session 07.

Confidence and shadow integration

session 08.

Acceptance, growth, development

What you need:

To prepare for this program, it is important that you have the time and space to fully experience it and immerse yourself in the process with us. The sessions are recorded, but it would be ideal if everyone was present at each session, as we build a strong sense of safety and community, a connection, as we embark on this path together.
Please come prepared for the session with no distractions. Set up your space to be sacred - with objects of power, white candle, incense, palo santo, tea, coffee, water, fresh flowers, live plants - anything that makes you feel held, seen and supported.
If you feel that you are struggling with taking on the emotions of others, consider the ritual of blocking yourself energetically from coming - you can do this simply with the intention of closing yourself off to anything that doesn't belong to you.
You can come to the circle with a wide belt or scarf tied around your abdomen to cover your belly button and/or with a forehead band to cover your third eye. This comes from shamanic medicine and both are ancient practices of closing ourselves off from everything that doesn't belong to us.
I also do it consciously, opening and closing the space - so you'll get support in making sure nothing gets opened when we're done.
Ania, Warsaw

Transformational Space. Aia has created unique and highly effective tools dedicated to transformation, self-awareness, healing, self-discovery for those who seek unconditional being, happiness, love. Courses worth anything.

Ewelina, Bialystok

If you are looking for truly transformative work, you have come to the right place. Meeting with Aia as well as other women who are willing to take a deep dive into your most uncomfortable places in your body and mind is tremendously transformative. The space she creates is so nurturing and ready to take your total truth about yourself and help you transform it to illuminate things so that your life truly becomes yours, not your childhood wounds or the society that influences you or your family. The magic you desire is often hidden in the change you avoid. I wholeheartedly recommend both training and working with your body through womb massage therapy.

Agnieszka, Łomianki

I met wonderful Goddesses and found faith in my own POWER. Thanks to her, I was able to realize and integrate things I had been circling around in psychotherapy and self-development for years without success. Aia lightheartedly blends hard scientific knowledge with the subtleties of spirituality and creates a safe space to express your Truth and your emotions.

Aii-40 2


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Shadow Work and programs.

Our offerings include the Transition Program: The Alchemy of Emotion and Shadow, which is Stage I of Shadow Work, and the Accredited Transition Course: Illuminating the Shadows of Others- Stage II of Working with Shadow. 

Stage I is dedicated to discovering and healing one's own shadows, while Stage II focuses on equipping participants to work with the other person's shadow (clients, partners, loved ones).

The shadow work programs and courses are designed so that people without any experience in shadow work can enter them and gain the knowledge and skills needed to navigate shadows, both their own and others'.

The Stages of Shadow Work programs and courses can be taken in any order - they are complementary programs.

The program will be held weekly from 19:30-22:00.

While the sessions are recorded and then made available for replay in their own time to all course participants, it would be ideal if everyone was present at each session, as we build a strong sense of safety and community, a connection as we embark on this path together.

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Transformations: The Alchemy of Emotion and Shadow

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