Yoni Reclamation Therapy™

yoni reclamation therapy™

Because your emotions deserve to be healed just as much, As much as your body deserves it.

Neuronal restructuring and re-regulation of the nervous system....

Or to put it another way, the literally life-changing magic of conscious pelvic therapy. Focused on safety. Focused on boundaries. Focused on healing trauma through the body - where it originally happened.

The transformative power of this intentional touch.

  • gynecologists
  • aggressive partners
  • drunken nights
  • torturers/predators
  • birth traumas
  • unwanted marital relations

The above touches, leaving deep traces in the cells of our most intimate space. So many of us were deprived of our sacred nature before we even had a chance to fully understand it - and as a result, most of us won't even get that chance in this life.

There is another place where women can experience powerful liberation of their bodies - tantra - but unfortunately it is very dark and unpredictable.

This. No. It is. Tantra.
This is the Recovery [Reclamation].

It's a therapy I created from scattered therapeutic experiences, intuition, studying barely legible scans of ancient Indian texts and "tantric guides" written for men on how to "please their wives" (🙄).

It is now accredited as a Level 4 diploma (accredited course) - insured and internationally recognized.

This work unlocks decades of trauma, years of hip/pelvic problems, years of fighting low libido, trauma, hatred of one's own body.

You deserve the pleasure.
You deserve security.
You deserve to get your own body back.

"This work is a combination of physiotherapy and divinity."

- This is how one of Aia's clients described it, after having a series of sessions with her.

Although not always physically pleasant, the deep pelvic release of Yoni Reclamation Therapy is only possible after 5 hours of conscious, advanced body work in releasing trauma.

Only when you are in a complete state of safety and trust does the pelvis respond to advanced manipulation without an immediate stress reaction.

The moment when work on the pelvis begins in this somatic ceremony is sacred.

Your pelvis is a portal, a gateway - between your outer and innermost worlds. Historically, it is said that "witches" wore long skirts without underwear because it allowed them to feel the energy of the earth and channel it to themselves through their yoni.

Your yoni, your pelvis, are supposed to let in the energy you desire (nature, pleasure, connection) while releasing what no longer serves you (urine, feces, a born child).

A strong pelvis, physiologically, is a strong torso, well supported digestion, powerful posture.

A healthy, healed yoni is not only a catalyst for extraordinary pleasure, but also the confidence to be noticed, to speak up, to stay present and connected in relationships, to stay aware and to hold boundaries within oneself.

A weak pelvis, physiologically, can cause incontinence, uncontrolled bowel movements - and the associated feelings of guilt, fear, shame.

Emotionally, the weakened yoni + womb space is leaking with the vital energy of untreated partners, unhealed medical trauma, unprocessed unwanted courtship.

In turn, a stiff/stiff pelvis creates blockages around pleasure (tension and pain during intimate connection, anorgasmia), difficulties in waste disposal (bladder problems, constipation, amenorrhea), and retention of epigenetic/familial trauma.

Advanced inner and outer pelvic release brings deep awareness and attention to parts of the body that are usually humiliated, ignored and often abused.

Blood vessels are activated. Connective tissue is relaxed. The powerful hammock of the pelvic girdles is stimulated. Your pelvis comes alive, and with it the womb space ignites.

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