Your struggle to conceive a child

It's not your fault

My Dear... We see you.

You are at an important time in your life and feel the call to conceive a child. You may even have known all your life that you wanted to be a mother. Or maybe the decision has been made over time, more slowly, more gently - receiving signals from friends, family and maybe even your partner that it might be time to "get your life together." Whatever the influences that brought you to this point, you have now added a new identity to your long list of identities: the struggle to conceive.

We hear you.

It's not pleasant. After all, conceiving is something women should do naturally, right? Without even thinking twice about it. That's what the female body is made for - to bring life into this world... "So why isn't mine doing it right?"

Perhaps you've only been trying to get pregnant naturally for a short time and are just starting to feel the stress and pressure building up... or you've been trying to get pregnant for a long time and the lack of success is taking a toll on your physical and emotional health, not to mention your relationship. Maybe you've gone down the road of modern medicine's approach to infertility: ruthless monitoring and hormone after hormone... pills, injections, suppositories. Maybe you've already spent huge amounts of money on pregnancy tests. You've urinated on them month after month. You've sat nervously in the restroom, waiting for the second line to appear, maneuvering the test in all the light reflections to see even the slightest hint of a shade of pink. We understood. We've been there, too.

Getting to the point in our lives when we want to have a child - but can't - can be one of the biggest blows to our sense of femininity and self-esteem.


You are not alone in this.

In primordial times, conception was simple - a healthy woman ovulated during the full moon and menstruated during the new moon, and conception occurred quickly, naturally and easily. These were times when the human body and psyche were not exposed to thousands of pollutants, stressors and obstacles. Unfortunately, today the number of women who struggle to get pregnant is growing at an alarming rate. Fertility is no longer an emotionally neutral, primal instinctual call to procreate - it is now fraught with social pressures, relationship struggles, physical ailments and reproductive dysfunctions.

My dear... there is much more to the ability to have a baby than just an egg and a nine-month pregnancy. If women are not taught to view their femininity, sexuality, emotional well-being and reproductive health as an inseparable whole - the process of becoming a mother will be full of increasing conflict.

There are so many fertility issues that modern medicine does not take into account.

The truth is that most women of childbearing age in 2022 have been exposed for decades to harmful toxins, pollution and excessive stress - all of which have a highly corrosive effect on our mood and reproductive capacity. Decades of taking birth control pills, unprocessed childhood traumas, experiencing emotional abuse in relationships, tense work situations, financial struggles, failure to prioritize self-care, recovery and health - each of these aspects plays a powerful role in the struggle to conceive.

By the time a woman reaches the point of "struggling to conceive" (failure to conceive successfully after 3-4 months of trying) or "infertility" (failure to conceive successfully after more than 12 months of trying), she often reaches even greater physical obstacles and mental stress in response to her condition, making conception infinitely more difficult.

Nature and evolution are extremely intelligent processes - you won't get pregnant unless "nature" feels you are in an optimal state to carry, deliver and/or raise a child in full health.

A woman's reproductive organs are the only "consumable" system in her body - they are not needed for survival. For this reason, reproductive capacity declines first when a woman's physical or mental health deteriorates. Nature knows that if a woman herself is not in adequate physical and mental health, she will face greater difficulties and risks of survival if a child comes along.

Of course, there are conditions in which women have unwanted pregnancies - but the neurochemical processes in these women are drastically different from those trying to get pregnant and cannot be put together in comparison. Whenever a woman attaches great importance/energy/commitment to trying to get pregnant, complex interactions of emotions and neurochemistry come into play - cortisol, adrenaline, processes of self-criticism, self-loathing and preoccupation with passing time and stress.

Stress negatively affects the process of conception, and it is literally impossible to remove the emotional stress and hardships of a woman's life from her struggle to conceive. Emotions are biochemical in nature, as is fertility. These two processes are closely linked for important evolutionary reasons: this only happens when a woman's well-being is balanced, as is the stability and security of her relationship and life as a whole, so that fertility can function at an optimal level.

There are hundreds of reasons why women struggle to conceive. Some are physiological, some are psychological, they can be structural, biochemical, neurochemical and hormonal. Some are emotional - related to generational trauma/inherited grief or related to unprocessed trauma in early life. Some struggles with infertility are related on a metaphysical level to the choice of partner and the quality of the relationship in which the child is trying to be conceived. Womb massage and fertility - combined with deeply conscious shadow therapy and trauma release, offers a powerful, holistic approach to becoming a mother.

Emotional shadows of infertility:

These emotional shadows are as important, if not more so, than the physical/structural ability to conceive (uterine and cervical positioning, regular ovulation, hormonal balance).

Of course, physiological reproductive functions play a key role in getting pregnant - that's why Womb and fertility massage uses strategic physical techniques, to dissipate tension and pressure around the uterus, ovaries and cervix. Physical manipulation of these areas of the body breaks down scar tissue, supports the body's processes of removing cysts/muscles/endometriosis by increasing circulation and providing fresh oxygen and nutrients, creating space for nerves to naturally and optimally innervate, and establishing pathways for optimal hormonal health. It is important to remember that contrary to the messages of modern medicine, fertility disorders are not a PROBLEM.... is a SYMPTOM emotional distress, chronic stress, unprocessed emotions and hidden shadows of guilt, fear and shame. Only when we address the hidden, emotional causes of stress in the reproductive organs can we truly begin to resolve the complexities of infertility and begin to empower women by restoring control over their femininity, sexuality, fertility and life path.

And we look forward to supporting you on your journey in any way we can.

To be trained in the powerful, transformational Womb Massage Therapysign up here.


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