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Womb Massage Therapy Course

Do you feel called to work with the body, with sensuality, with se(k)suality, with trauma, with shadows and with supporting women's pain? If you feel led to do this transformative work - for others, for loved ones and for yourself, then accept our invitation with open arms for you - this work needs you!


Are you interested in a holistic approach to women's health, liberating your femininity, freeing yourself from blockages and traumas, and how to stimulate pleasure in your life? Learn more about Womb Massage Therapy: 

The Womb Massage Course is a 4.5-day intensive and deep dive into reflecting on one's own shadows of the human psyche, confronting one's ego, reconnecting with one's inner child and releasing blocked emotions and traumas from the body. Not everyone is ready for such a profound transformation, but for those who are called to take their lives back into their own hands, it is a life-changing experience.

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During this course, you will possess knowledge of:

Won's Massage Therapy course is not only about learning practical skills, but also a chance to discover yourself in a whole new perspective. It's a way to explore the feminine energy that lies within each of us. Through this course you will learn how to use womb massage to heal yourself and others. It's not only a practical skill, but also a spiritual experience that will bring you closer to your feminine nature.

4.5-Day Won Massage Therapy Course:

day 00.


- Welcome circle
- Cocoa Ceremony


day 01.


- Welcoming the womb, womb mapping
- Introduction to the subject of shadow work
- Spinal wounds/anxiety  
- Dance and intuitive movement
- Demonstration of the therapy session in its entirety 
- Closing circle 


day 02.


- Morning circle
- Energy, chakras, and massage
- Memory traces in the limbic system (from the prenatal period and early years of life)
- Introduction to the topic of generational trauma
- Learning how to massage the back of the body 
- Practice of massage of the rear part of the body 
- Closing circle


Day 03.


- Morning circle
- Journey with the shamanic drum
- Elements of shadow therapy
- Conscious menstruation
- Archetypes of femininity
- The experience of returning to the womb
- Discussion on energetic approach to lower back + tailbone (including topics of pleasure and orgasm)
- Learning Rebozo techniques and other elements from ancient Mayan medicine
- Practice frontal body massage with Rebozo techniques
- Closing circle


Day 04.


- Morning circle
- Transition Ceremony with commitment to practice
- Preparation for the practical exam: discussion of the whole, questions and answers
- Demonstration of the therapy session in its entirety 
- Practical exam
- Closing the circle


This is the space where, during the 4.5 days of the course, you will work through what you carry within you. This is the space where you will have to recognize and let go of your inner demons.

is more than par for the course.

This is the Circle of Womanhood.

The Experience of Returning to Won

We will dive into the topic of the inner seasons of the menstrual cycle and what they mean to us. We'll use visualization and body work to return to your original powerful womb energy.

Learning ancient techniques and sciences

You will experience the wrapping of Rebozo scarves, which from Mayan tradition directly relate to returning to the roots, and learn about the ancient teachings of the power of the womb and body.


During the 4-day course you will be part of beautiful ceremonies and rituals to connect with your feminine energy.

The Common Circle and Sisterhood

During the course, we create a special sisterhood in which each of us has the space to share our truest truth, to be heard, supported and cared for.

It is a course of therapy to return to your most primal well-being, it is a ritual to return to your most feminine center.
This is a return to the space of your womb.


Womb Massage Therapy Course

Start a new, life(s) transforming career

Any woman who feels the call to work with women and reclaim their femininity and transform their lives to a more conscious and happy one is invited to attend the Won Massage Therapy course.

Students do not need to have any previous qualification in the field, as the Womb Massage Therapy course is a fully accredited course, consisting of anatomy and physiology, health and safety, and the techniques needed to fully perform a massage.

This is a unique opportunity to both expand your skills in working with women and to just enter this line of work and gain professional preparation from the ground up. 

Małgorzata, Dziwnówek Student

Learning materials perfectly prepared: very rich in knowledge, detailed script, massage lubricants, towels, pillows, sheets, etc. We had the opportunity to touch, try out many accessories that we were not yet familiar with. The script for 4 days of training filled to the brim. I was not bored for a moment. Substantively very rich program. The opportunity to observe the different reactions in the trainees to the Womb Massage Therapy and experience it first-hand, confirmed my conviction that this course, was a very good choice. Confident in the skills I gained, convinced of the power of Lona Massage Therapy, and with great gratitude, I returned to Dziwnówek to practice and show Women that their lives can now be without pain and discomfort. Thank you.

Ewa, Zarki Student

The subject matter and approach to the issue of emotions rooted in the body, above all women, is a completely new for Polish conditions look at the body and the soul that lives in it. soul in it. This ritual elevates every woman to the pedestal of the Goddess that each of us is, but over the history of the world we have very much forgotten this. The course I had the joy of attending was conducted with extraordinary sensitivity, care for each of us, with a lot of knowledge and wonderful practical guidance. Great energy and organization.

Ania, Warsaw Student

Transformational Space. Aia has created unique and highly effective tools dedicated to transformation, self-awareness, healing, self-discovery for those who seek unconditional being, happiness, love. Courses worth All.

Ewelina, Bialystok Student

If you're looking for truly transformative work, you've come to the right place. Meeting with Aia as well as with other women who are willing to take a deep dive into their most uncomfortable places in the body and mind is immensely transformative. The space she creates is so nurturing and ready to take your total truth about yourself and help you transform it to illuminate things so that your life truly becomes yours, not your childhood wounds or the society that influences you or your family. I wholeheartedly recommend both training and working with your body through womb massage therapy.

Magda, Poznan Student

Wow! such a training I did not expect.I cleared my throat chakra, worked with my weaknesses, regained my self-confidence, learned about the cycle of our feminine life and most importantly felt on myself the ritual of the beautiful ceremony of the womb massage, which revives femininity, brings to a higher vibration, releases shadows, gives a sense of security, brings to the dimension of peace, joy and unconditional love. Thank you for being Aia. Also a big thank you to Zanetka, for the organization, the photos, the good word.

Dorota, Lodz Student

I had the pleasure of participating in the training course , "Lona Massage Therapy" in Krakow, it was a magical 4 days. I met wonderful Goddesses with whom I felt a deep bond. During the classes I experienced new things every day, emotionally, physically and spiritually.I learned a lot about myself and the reality around me, but most of all I gained tools to help other lost women, to heal their traumas, to find their femininity, to unlock themselves for life. Every minute and every zloty invested in this training was worth it.

Sandra, Germany Student

This was no ordinary course, it was a wonderful meeting of wonderful Women, in full respect and understanding. A meeting that awakens femininity, allows you to love, appreciate and respect her thus yourself.

Karolina, Boronów Student

The Womb Massage Therapy Course was a huge milestone on my path of development. This Course was both a ceremony and through it I acquired a lot of knowledge but also met wonderful Women who are my sisters. On top of that, I am extremely grateful for Aie, who conducted the course standing in Her truth and love.


Frequently Asked Questions

On the subject of the Womb Massage Therapy course.

The course is designed for all women who are interested in a holistic approach to women's health and want to connect with the feminine - both for themselves and their clients or loved ones. 

Overnight accommodation is not included in the course price.

After successfully completing the 4-day course and passing the practical exam, as well as performing 12 massages (a series of 3 massages with 4 clients, or 4 massages with 3 clients) confirmed by case studies upon completion of the course, a Diploma of Lona Massage Therapist will be issued.

To any woman who feels the call to work with women and reclaim their femininity and transform their lives to be more conscious and happy.


Female students do not need to have a previous qualification in this field, as the Womb Massage Therapy is a fully accredited course consisting of anatomy and physiology, health and safety, and the techniques needed to fully perform massage.


Therapy Lona massage is accredited by Think Tree Professional Body, along with full

Upon successful completion of the course, graduates will be required to perform 12 massages (a series of 3 massages with 4 clients, or 4 massages with 3 clients) supported by references and case studies in fulfillment of accreditation requirements. Upon completion of the course and completion of the internship, students may begin practicing Womb Massage (clients who receive sessions as part of the student's accreditation requirements should not attend sessions completely free of charge, although discounts may be offered if the student so prefers).

Additional courses to advance the Womb Massage Therapy accreditation include a diploma in strictly trauma-focused practice and shadow therapy, and Yoni Reclamation Therapy training.

The course takes place in the center of Warsaw on Chlodna Street in a beautiful and atmospheric space. 

Aia lives and practices in the Riviera Maya on a daily basis and appears in Poland about 2-3 times a year. Lona Massage Therapy courses are held in two editions in Poland - in the spring and fall. 

A set of Rebozo slings is not included in the price. Rebozo slings will be available for the duration of the course in order to practice, while 3 Rebozo slings must be purchased in order to perform Won Massage Therapy after the course.

It is a course of therapy to return to your most primal well-being, it is a ritual to return to your most feminine center.
This is a return to the space of your womb.

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It's more than a course. It's a circle of womanhood.
Learning, sharing and growing together in powerful practices rooted in antiquity.

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