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Individual sessions

The waiting list for the experience of a 1:1 session with Aia in Poland at this point exceeds more than a year, so we are not currently accepting new enrollments.

Come experience a series of 1:1 sessions in the Riviera Maya in Mexico, where Aia lives and practices daily.

To sign up for 1:1 sessions with Aia, visit www.aiajune.com. 

Elisabeth, Gdansk Customer

My impressions of the session on line-working with the shadow was that I finally felt that someone was listening to me and hearing my every sentence and word. Incredible care for the topic I came with. listening and insightful inquiry with a great sense of security, understanding and care.

Ewa, Cracow Customer

The session with Aia changed my life.I am much calmer and quieter, I don't take everything to myself just have a distance from what is going on around me. I have struggled with recurrent depression for many years and this fall is such a time again. However, I haven't had a mood breakdown, a bad day or a panic attack since the session. I am calmed down and grateful for things that I didn't notice before, but were so obvious after all. I feel that my perception of perceiving people and situations has changed. The behavior of others, which previously drove me to irritation, anger or tears, I now accept with calmness. They do not touch me, I know they do not belong to me and I leave them with the owner. I worked for many years for such a state, but only Aia helped me to achieve it. I now have more energy for myself and on myself, because I don't leave it with others without reacting.I also noticed that the adult adhd, diagnosed in me many years ago, weakened in strength and became less annoying. I'm more organized and focused on what I'm doing at the moment, which used to come with great difficulty.I feel like I'm rediscovering myself and it's a wonderful experience filled with joy, love and inner peace. Aia is amazing and what she does is wonderful. I believe that every woman should experience such a session and the transformation that follows it. Reject the beliefs and programs that have been imposed on us and do not serve us at all, but only block us and do not allow us to spread our wings.

Emilia, Olsztyn Customer

What has changed? Everything!!! 🙂 I've never been so sure of what I'm doing, even though these kinds of decisions are difficult. This is actually the most important change, which will entail more changes. I am walking my path. I have no idea where it will take me, but I'm burning with curiosity 🙂 I have no idea where it will take me.

Zoey, England Customer

I went through a really traumatic birth, endured a second pregnancy badly, and was still clinging strenuously to things I thought I had dealt with, which in fact didn't turn out to be true (including a toxic relationship). All of this manifested as anxiety and I didn't know which way to go myself. The Womb Massage Therapy, was amazing. I felt a huge release. I cried. And afterwards, I felt amazing. Since the massage, I feel lighter and more recharged.

Zuzanna, Warsaw Customer

What I experienced was completely out of this world. The feeling of letting go of the negative emotions I held inside me in places I would never have suspected it made an electrifying impression on me and made a real impact on my life. Thanks to this therapy, I felt a much greater connection between my body and what was deeply hidden in my mind. The therapy helped me face what my inner child was struggling with, which in effect allowed me to connect much more with my feminine power. Every woman should have this amazing experience at least once in her life.

Lidia, Warsaw Customer

I heartily recommend sessions with Aia. This woman is not only beautiful, wise, but also shares her strength to act. I got a lot of inner strength and support from her, I think that without her the topic important to me would still be covered with dust.

Karolina, Boronów Customer

The session with Aia gave me so much strength I saw that what was a huge fear for me for years was not really mine. I'm grateful, filled with love, strength and energy after Our meeting Aia is an overly wonderful person!

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