Yoni Reclamation Therapy™ (YRT™)

For therapists, iv level of development path

Yoni Reclamation Therapy™ Course

yo-ni /ˈyōnē/.

Rooted in Hinduism, yoni is a Sanskrit term meaning "Dwelling," "Source" or "Womb." Better known as "vagina" or "vulva" in sterile, scientific terms, yoni was revered as a divine representation of the Goddess, Shakti - and the source of all female generative power.

Womb. Source. "Female Generative Body.

Women who carry unhealed womb and yoni wounds often feel insecure, unsafe, unbalanced, lacking pleasure or creative drive in their lives. Wounds usually have their roots in early life traumas and generational trauma, and both need to be carefully examined to understand cyclical patterns and interrupt repeated life patterns, due to the way they manifest in life, love and manifestation.

The internal yoni massage is combined with the preceding external womb massage to create a powerful, immersive experience of full-body healing.

This is rooted in the physical release of stored trauma along the outer folds of the yoni and inner vaginal walls. Therapeutic pressure on these "hot spots" often triggers stored memories and sensations that have caused mistrust, insecurity and even physical discomfort. Through conscious, intentional and consent-focused reprogramming of stored body memories, women experience transformative neural and limbic reprogramming of past traumas, family wounds and trapped pain, guilt and shame to experience a more powerful connection to self, pleasure, intimate relationships and life.


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Frequently Asked Questions

After successfully completing the 4-day course and passing the practical exam, as well as performing 12 massages (a series of 3 massages with 4 clients, or 4 massages with 3 clients) confirmed by case studies, a Yoni Reclamation Therapy Diploma will be issued upon completion of the course.

Upon successful completion of the course, graduates will be required to perform 12 massages (a series of 3 massages with 4 clients, or 4 massages with 3 clients) supported by references and case studies in fulfillment of accreditation requirements. After completing the course and practicing, students can begin practicing Yoni Reclamation Therapy.

Retreat Delight and Yoni Reclamation Therapy™ Course in Tulum, Mexico coming November 2024!

A woman connected to her Yoni feels magnetic, calm, creative, powerful, intuitive, erotically awakened, grounded and balanced.

Are you ready, Beloved, to transform your life forever? If so, join Us in Mexico for this one-of-a-kind experience - the Yoni Reclamation Therapy™ course combined with Retreat Delight!
Among others:
🏝 Jungle accommodation right on the Caribbean sea with access to a private beach
🥑 Lovingly composed vegetarian menu
☕ Cocoa Ceremony
🪘 Healing immersion in sound
🔥 Temazcal - experience an ancient Mayan sweat lodge
🧜‍♀️ Private swimming in the cenote lagoon
🌊 Private drum ceremony on the beach

Are you ready to start claiming the right to your delight? 

Are you ready to harness the incredible power within you and embark on an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime? 

🗺️ Tulum, Mexico
📅 September 15-21, 2024
💫 YRT™ and Retreat course costs:
▪️Participation in Retreat:
・$1685 USD [Budget option: 2-person conical tent with single beds].
・$2385 USD [Deluxe Option: Private conical tent with Queen bed / 2-person Safari tent with Queen beds].
▪️Participation in Retreat + Accredited YRT™ Course: $3585 USD

As part of the retreat, we will be together:

In YRT ™ training, you'll experience all of the above and receive intensive training in the desired accredited therapy!


Retreat Delight and Yoni Reclamation Therapy™ Course

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