Flow: Goddess in Business

Abundance Trigger Program.

Is your money story, which is deeply rooted in you, a story full of knowledge and empowerment? Do you, like most of us, suffer from powerful shadows when it comes to finances?

From the moment you first learned that money exists in the world, probably before you even found the words to describe what you know about the world, your inherited money story has flowed from your DNA and influenced every aspect of your life. It's time to recognize that story and, most importantly, transform it!

Now is the time to discover how to rise above your negative beliefs, reconnect with your deepest pleasure and passion, and build abundance, you desire, and finally come to terms with your relationship with money and life.

In our Program:

You will learn...

...what personality type you have in your relationship with money and how it may be holding you back in financial freedom. You will learn the secrets of abundance - which have nothing to do with money. These are the hidden secrets of the richest-or more specifically, the happiest-people in the world. And soon they will be yours!

You'll understand...

...that we all have hidden childhood stories in our heads that affect our relationship with money - often with disastrous consequences. You will discover who you are in this relationship and how to heal it permanently.

You will learn...

...about the difference between an intelligent and emotional approach to money and how to create the right balance between the two. Without these basics, it doesn't matter what kind of money you ever come into contact with, you'll lose it just as fast. It's time to stop this cycle!

You will notice...

...what financial demons you carry in your DNA. We'll delve into your family's money history so you can free yourself from the shackles you've unknowingly put on yourself (and you'll learn the basics so you can help remove your loved ones, too).

The truth is that as long as these money stories, money-related wounds and money demons haunt your life, you will never be "rich." It's time for you to learn about attracting abundance at your request, when and how you need it. So many people around the world are attracted to abundance, security, happiness and prosperity - and you can too! Wake up to a new level of abundance perception. Radically change your mindset and perspective to "breathe abundance" every day. This program is supportive and nurturing, gentle and healing. We're not talking about budgets, empty affirmations or denying yourself spending on things you love. This is empowerment, understanding and deep transformation.

What you need:

To prepare for this program, it is important that you have the time and space to fully experience it and immerse yourself in the process with us. The sessions are recorded, but it would be ideal if everyone was present at each session, as we build a strong sense of safety and community, a connection, as we embark on this path together.
Ania, Warsaw

Transformational Space. Aia has created unique and highly effective tools dedicated to transformation, self-awareness, healing, self-discovery for those who seek unconditional being, happiness, love. Courses worth anything.

Ewelina, Bialystok

If you are looking for truly transformative work, you have come to the right place. Meeting with Aia as well as other women who are willing to take a deep dive into your most uncomfortable places in your body and mind is tremendously transformative. The space she creates is so nurturing and ready to take your total truth about yourself and help you transform it to illuminate things so that your life truly becomes yours, not your childhood wounds or the society that influences you or your family. The magic you desire is often hidden in the change you avoid. I wholeheartedly recommend both training and working with your body through womb massage therapy.

Agnieszka, Łomianki

I met wonderful Goddesses and found faith in my own POWER. Thanks to her, I was able to realize and integrate things I had been circling around in psychotherapy and self-development for years without success. Aia lightheartedly blends hard scientific knowledge with the subtleties of spirituality and creates a safe space to express your Truth and your emotions.

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Flow: Goddess in Business

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