Womb Massage Therapy Course

Małgorzata, Dziwnówek Student

I am a reflexologist and while looking for an effective tool to work with my Clients to open up and share their problems in a relaxed conversation urogynecological issues, I found the website and channel on YT Return to the Womb. From the first moment I had no doubt that this was WHAT I wanted to do - it resonated I signed up for the course, which was a combination of workshops and learning Womb Massage. Learning materials perfectly prepared: very rich in knowledge, detailed script, massage lubricants, towels, pillows, sheets, etc. We had the opportunity to touch, try out many accessories that we were not yet familiar with. Substantively very rich program. The opportunity to observe the different reactions in the trainees to the Womb Massage Therapy and experience it first-hand, confirmed my conviction that this course, was a very good choice. Confident in the skills I gained, convinced of the power of Lona Massage Therapy, and with great gratitude, I returned to Dziwnówek to practice and show Women that their lives can now be without pain and discomfort. Thank you."

Magda, Poznan Student

Wow! such training I did not expect. I met wonderful and beautiful Sisters, Goddesses and wonderful Goddess Aia I cleared my throat chakra, worked with my weaknesses, regained my confidence in myself, I learned about the cycle of our feminine life, and most importantly I felt the myself the ritual of the beautiful womb massage ceremony, which revives femininity, brings to a higher vibrations, releases shadows, gives a sense of security, takes you into a dimension of of peace, joy and unconditional love. Thank you for being Aia Also a big thank you to Zanetka, for the organization, the photos, the good word

Dorota, Lodz Student

I had the pleasure of participating in the training course , "Łona Massage Therapy" in Krakow, it was a magical 4 days. I met wonderful Goddesses with whom I felt a deep bond. During the class I experienced new things every day, emotionally, physically and spiritually.I learned a lot about myself and the reality around me reality but most of all I gained tools to help other lost women, to heal their traumas, to find their femininity, unlocking themselves for life. Every minute and every zloty invested in this training was worth it.

Sandra, Germany Student

This was no ordinary course, it was a wonderful meeting of wonderful women, in full respect and understanding. A meeting that awakens femininity, allows you to to love, appreciate and respect her thus herself.

Karolina, Boronów Student

The Womb Massage Therapy Course was a huge milestone on my path rozwoju❤️ This course was both a ceremony and through it I acquired a lot of knowledge but also met wonderful Women who are my sisters. On top of that, I am extremely grateful for Aie, who conducted the course standing in Her truth and love


Working with the Shadow

Ania O., Warsaw Student

Transformational space Aia has created unique and highly effective tools dedicated to transformation, self-awareness, healing, self-discovery for those who seek unconditional being, happiness, love Courses worth All.

Ania S., Warsaw Student

Womb Massage Therapy embraces the shadow and works with the shadow. The next important stage II of the shadow work course. There are 12 of us amazing women in the group. It's intense, sometimes the energy drops and sometimes it rises, the whole body is working, there's a lot going on and the head sometimes can't keep up, but we're ready to keep working.

Agnieszka, Łomianki Student

I met wonderful Goddesses and found faith in my own POWER. Thanks to her, I was able to able to realize and integrate the things I had been circling around in psychotherapy and self-development unsuccessfully for years. Aia lightheartedly combines hard scientific knowledge with the subtleties of spirituality and creates a safe space for expressing your Truth and your emotions.


1:1 services

Elisabeth, Gdansk Customer

My impressions from the session on line-working with the shadow was that I finally I felt that someone was listening to me and hearing my every sentence and word. Incredible care for the topic I came with. listening and insightful inquiry with a great sense of security, understanding and caring.

Emilia, Olsztyn Customer

What has changed? Everything!!! 🙂 I've never been so sure of what I'm doing, even though these kinds of decisions are difficult. This is basically the most important change, which will entail other changes. I am walking my path. I have no idea where it will take me, but I'm burning with curiosity 🙂 I have no idea where it will take me.

Zoey, England Customer

I experienced a really traumatic birth, took my second pregnancy badly, and still strenuously I held on to things I thought I had dealt with, which in fact didn't turned out to be true (including a toxic relationship). All of this manifested itself as anxiety and I I didn't know which way to go myself. The Womb Massage Therapy, was amazing. I felt a huge release. I cried. And afterwards, I felt amazing. Since the massage I feel lighter and more recharged.

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